“PET Baltija” will cooperate with Saudi Arabia

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JSC (AS) “PET Baltija” has actively commenced entry into international market. Growth plans of the company are related both to Russia and European and Scandinavian countries. During the last six months we’ve been working in close cooperation with Saudi Arabia, where we have found partners for supply of raw materials to our plant.

There is hot and dry climate in Saudi Arabia. Air temperature can reach even +50 degrees in the summer therefore local residents consume large quantities of water filled in PET bottles, which is raw material of our plant. Market of Saudi Arabia is very specific, and the JSC (AS) “PET Baltija” recognizes huge potential in the market of the Middle East.

Talking about business peculiarities in Saudi Arabia we must admit that, unlike in other countries, verbal agreement means a lot there. Such an agreement has even greater force than a written contract, therefore representatives of the JSC (AS) “PET Baltija” went to this country of the Arab World to establish contacts and reach agreements regarding supplies of raw materials.


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