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"PET Baltija" JSC – one of the leading polymer recycling companies in Northern Europe

"PET Baltija" JSC is one of the largest PET bottle recycling companies in Northern Europe. "PET Baltija" JSC is located in Latvia which has become one of the leading polymer material recycling centres in Northern Europe, where professional competence, technologies and innovations are combined in one place.

One of our most significant advantages is the strategically important location for business which is oriented towards the developed economies of the European Union (EU) member states and the developing markets of our Eastern neighbours. Latvia has naturally become a gate between the USA, EU, and Asia (especially Russia/CIS countries).

Recycling company "PET Baltija" JSC aims to become the most proficient polymer recycling company in Northern Europe offering products that are most in-demand. We cover the largest market share in the Baltic states and a market share of 2% in the European market.

Eco Baltia

"PET Baltija" JSC is part of the holding company "Eco Baltia" group. It is the largest environmental management group in the Baltic states, which unites waste management, raw material collection and used packaging recycling companies.The subsidiaries of "Eco Baltia" group are market leaders with high product and service quality standards as well as innovation and sustainability programmes.

Eco Baltia Ltd. includes such companies as Eco Baltia vide, Jumis and Ecoservice. The principal activity of these companies is waste management. Waste raw material logistics, processing and wholesale is performed by Eco Baltia vide and the waste management chain is concluded by the leading polymer recycling companies in the Baltic States - PET Baltija and Nordic Plast. Latvijas Zaļais Punkts is a significant cooperation partner of Eco Baltia – it is the biggest producers’ responsibility organization in Latvia that coordinates the sorting and recycling of waste packaging, waste electric equipment and goods harmful to the environment.


Eco Baltia is a group of socially responsible companies, which operates according to the principles of good management and sustainable development in its operations, as well as improves its internal processes in this industry. Eco Baltia’s partners, their employees and subcontractors must follow the developed Code of Conduct (Code) in their business activities to promote environmental protection and socially responsible business practices. 


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