Environment policy

PET Baltija attitude to the environment is also included in the company’s mission – clear the environment from used PET packaging.

Our approach to lenient attitude to the environment:

  • If there is a smallest environment pollution indicated, it is abolished where possible.
  • Saving natural resources (water, electricity, paper, heating, fuel)
  • Maintenance and check-up of production, heating and treatment equipment in the scheduled time.
  • Decreasing waste volumes, seeking for new solutions for their utilization
  • Avoiding usage of hazardous chemical substances, however if such material is necessary there are respective actions provided to protect health and the environment.
  • Identifying and overviewing environment aspects and executing every mandatory normative demand related to the environment.
  • Providing employee trainings on our operation affect to the environment and necessary actions in extraordinary situations, as well as on economical attitude to natural resources and safe equipment exploitation. 
  • Following the indicators of environment pollution and natural resource maintenance.
  • Continuous advancing and improvement of our operations to prevent or decrease the negative affect to the environment.


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