Quality policy

PET Baltija operations are aimed to high quality demands to be able to maintain the competiveness on a long-term basis by providing constant quality finished product and related service supply to the client according to requirements of the client.

Company’s approach to provide the competitiveness:

  • Provide the product and related services corresponding to the requirements of clients, also considering the specific needs and demands of the clients.
  • Follow planned actions in purchases, production and sales.
  • Continuous research on raw material offer in the market and attraction of new suppliers, building long-term relationships with the suppliers.
  • Provide an individual cooperation model according to knowledge about the client.
  • Provide positive personal connection to clients and suppliers
  • Continuous research on possibilities to increase the production volumes
  • Provide effective management of the company by releasing the management from daily process supervision and motivate the employees to work according to the defined processes.
  • Provide a continuous improvement in the management system of the company.


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