Quality control

All production processes of AS "PET Baltija" are very efficient, and we can guarantee high quality products and stable cooperation to our clients.

Our clients value the quality of our raw materials which is ensured by manually sorting through the materials to be recycled. In such way, it is possible to ensure that only the necessary materials are put in the pellet production equipment without undesired impurities, therefore guaranteeing high quality end product.

In Europe, manual pre-processing of polymers is rare, therefore AS "PET Baltija" is a company with high competitiveness. Quality control and laboratory tests are carried out for each bag of finished product. Laboratory tests are performed in accordance with the national standard LVS NE 15348:2008 (E).

In 2008, AS "PET Baltija" developed and introduced ISO standards 9001-2008 and 14001:2004. In 2019, energy management system ISO 50001:2012 was introduced.



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